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Who we are

BEE Registry offers online B-BBEE procurement software solutions benefiting companies with live access to pro-actively manage their B-BBEE procurement spend.

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The BEE Registry Software (BRS) simplifies the tedious process of collecting and preparing procurement information for a B-BBEEE audit. Users benefit from access to a database of 85 000 validated B-BBEE ratings. The BRS is available in a Self Service option, as well as an Assisted Service option to meet the budget and requirements of all clients.
With a quick access dashboard, procurement score calculation, detailed reporting and scenario planning users are able to monitor their spending trends and identify certain shortfalls. In addition to this, users are able to create a wish list of potential new suppliers based on specific search criteria and services to improve their procurement score.

Our experienced team are always available for support and advice relating to legislation and software usage.

Recent News

Government and other entities are advised to reject B-BBEE Certificates issued by Verification Agencies that are not accredited by SANAS
The B-BBEE Commission advises entities and organs of state to reject B-BBEE certificates that have been issued by verification agencies or professionals who are not accredited by South African National Accreditation Systems (“SANAS”)more