BEE Registry Software (BRS)

BEE Registry Software (BRS) is an online B-BBEE procurement management tool which provides companies live access to manage and track their B-BBEE spending trends. BRS eliminates the labour intensive task of manually collecting and populating supplier scorecard information. With a database of 85 000 ratings, companies are now able to select the supplier certificate, valid in their measurement period and most beneficial for their score.

The BRS dashboard offers users a complete overview of their B-BBEE procurement spend. All critical categories and performances are displayed with quick links to the detailed data for a better understanding of their performance.
Detailed Reporting

Preferential procurement makes up a large portion of a B-BBEE scorecard. In order to achieve set goals and reduce shortfalls it is crucial that a company understands their procurement. BRS provides its users with detailed reporting enabling them to analyse and understand their procurement spend. The procurement calculator highlights all the shortfalls to assist users with a starting point to implement corrective action plans to improve scoring.
Scenario planning and Alternate Suppliers

Making informed decisions is essential to a company’s B-BBEE procurement success. With BRS Scenario Planning users have the ability to alter procurement variables to understand the effect it will have on their procurement score, prior to implementing any changes. In addition to this, our “Find Suppliers” functionality provides users with the means to source new suppliers for their “Wish List” that meet specific criteria i.e. services, company size as well as ownership, to help improve their procurement score.