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Our Services

Our process of B-BBEE consulting starts with a complete assessment of the current status of an entity's B-BBEE compliance. Understanding the specific industry an entity operates within assists identifying areas of improvement. An improvement plan is designed, implemented and monitored ensuring achievement of the client's goals.
Senario Planning
Planning ahead of any B-BBEE strategy provides an entity with the insight into the positive effects changes can have prior to implementing the stategy. By acknowledging an entity's challenges within their business and industry, specific scenario reporting can be done to choose a specific path most beneicficial to the B-BBEE scorecard.
B-BBEE File Audit Preparation
A SANAS accredited verification agency or IRBA approved B-BBEE auditor requires a file to be prepared in a specific format. Through our extensive experience in the B-BBEE industry we assist entities to firstly select a verification authority, and thereafter prepare their files in such a way that maximum points can be obtained from each of the B-BBEE elements. This service irons out all possible issues that may be encountered through B-BBEE verification and have a painless audit as a result.
Supplier B-BBEE Management
Supplier B-BBEE Procurement is an integral part of the B-BBEE scorecard. Selecting the correct supplier to supply a specific product and service has been a challenge, more so when it comes to selecting the supplier that will positively influence your B-BBEE Procurement Scoring. Our extensive database of B-BBEE suppliers allows you to pro-actively select, as well as maintain your B-BBEE service providers. Effective management allows for improvement areas to be identified in B-BBEE spend, with spending trends being adapted to suit both company as well as B-BBEE scorecard requirements.
Supplier Registration

Process in which a profile is created of each and every supplier in order to achieve the business goals of the client.

Supplier Take-on
Qualification process in order to ensure suppliers meet the specific qualification requirements of the client..